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Eumieus’ Tale

Private Tours Bulgaria – Varna – an attractive place…

Bulgaria maybe a small country but it has two capitals. And ...

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Discover Varna

VIIIth International Meeting Bulgaria 2018

Diego Endara, an eccentric guy from Ecuador. He is passionately in love with Bulgaria and ha...

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Diego Endara Tour

“Is he yours, Kulock? Well, I never!… Look at his little eyes … if he don’t look just like Marina! … her nose—exactly! as I...

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Abandoned part 3

He turned away from the child, put on his hat hurriedly, and went out, locking the door behind him. He walked on aimlessly, but with no peace of mi...

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Abandoned part 2

Sholom Asch (1880—1957)

Sholom Asch (or Ash) was born in Poland, and is to-day regarded as one of the most gifted of recent Yiddish w...

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Abandoned part 1

“O Sarah!” he sighed, and he would have said more, but just at that moment it began to spot with rain, and before they had time to move there c...

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A Picnic part 4

Shmuel counted his children and the traps. “No, nothing, Sarah!” he said.

Doletzke went to sleep, the other children sat quietly in t...

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A Picnic part 3

“What will it cost?” asks Sarah, suddenly, and Shmuel has soon made the necessary calculation.

“A family ticket is only thirty cent...

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A Picnic part 2

S. Libin (Israel Hurwitz) (1872-1955)

Israel Hurwitz, better known by his pseudonym, S. (or Z.) Libin, was born in Russia in 1872. He w...

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A Picnic part 1

And with these words my father sighs deeply, and my mother, as she looks at him, sighs also, and I cannot understand the reason. Surely we should b...

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The Passover Guest part 4

Having learned his name, my father was anxious to know whence, from what land he came. I understood this from the names of countries and towns whic...

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The Passover Guest part 3

Mother is taken up with the preparations for the Passover meal, and Rikel the maid is helping her. It is only when the time comes for saying Kiddus...

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The Passover Guest part 2

Sholom Aleichem (Sholorn Rabinovitch) (1859-1916)

Rabinovitch, known everywhere by his pseudonym, Sholom Aleichem, was born in Russia. ...

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The Passover Guest part 1

His heart is already sore for his victim, but he is feeling his power over her for the first time, and it has gone to his head. Silly woman! He had...

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A Womans Wrath part 4