On the main road there was a good deal of traffic, an unceasing noise of wheels accompanied by -the rhythmic sound of horses’ hoofs trotting upon...

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The Easter Torch Part 3

Leiba went to the town hall, then to the sub-prefecture to denounce the threatener, begging that he might be watched. The sub-prefect was a lively ...

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The Easter Torch Part 2

Ion Luca Caragiale (1852 ?—1912)

Caragiale first came to the attention of his country’s readers through the pages of Convorbiri Lit...

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The Easter Torch Part 1

Ivan Cankar (18—?—1919)

Cankar was one of the most promising of the younger group of Slovenian writers. He had established a solid...

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Children and Old Folk

Husband! He had never thought of that. Suddenly a cold sweat appeared on his brow. He went out and roamed until dawn around the quiet, moonlit lake...

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Neighbor part 4

“Be righteous, Pero, not being successful as a soldier. Even be a laborer, but remain honest as all your ancestors. Here is a revolver which may ...

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Neighbor part 3

Balkan tours 2019 – Having read books or watched movies about Balkan countries; and thus thinking you know much about them. It is completely ...

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Balkan Tours 2019

You might not have already decided on your next holiday so here we are to help and offer you visit Bulgaria, plan your private tours Balkan an...

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Grand Balkan Tour

From the huge yard, transformed into a garden, was wafted an agreeable breeze. A canary was heard singing from a nearby window, and elsewhere a swe...

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Neighbor part 2


ANTUN GUSTAV MATOS – (1873-1914)

Antun Gustav Matos was the son of a village schoolmaster. Shortly after his...

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Neighbor part 1

Sofia is ancient. It is cosmopolitan. It is the people coming and going, the empires, the political regimes… All of them gave their part in build...

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Bulgaria private tours

The Jugoslavs form a national unit and are ethnologically part of the Slavonic race. Jugoslav literature begins with translations of the Bible by C...

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Make your Bulgaria private tour a way of living

Bulgaria private tour – Although Bulgaria is a small country, it offers many plac...

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Bulgaria Private Tour

Istanbul Tours – Istanbul was officially adopted as a sole name in 1930. Through the ages the city of Istanbul has changed its name several times...

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Istanbul Tours