The cyclical calendar, as an embodiment of the concept of the “everlasting circle”, can be a potential resolution to the tough metaphysical downside of “eternity-time”.

In fact, the traditional Bulgarian calendar r not the one cyclical calendar but it surely stay: incomparable with its accuracy and performance to this present day. The makes an attempt to attribute its origin to Chinese language or Turkic influences have proved futile. A Chinese language geographic tractate of the 10th century contains an announcement of the seventh century, stating that the Chinese language famous as an fascinating reality using a 12-year cycle for calendar functions by the inhabitants between Samarkand and Buhara. For them, the 12- 12 months animal cycle as a calendar system exterior the 60-year cycle was unknown till the time of the Han dynasty (206 BC-25 AD) when it was included within the Chinese language calendar system beneath the affect of their western neighbors.

A vivid proof of the long-term religious hyperlinks and loans which the Bulgarians stored within the Indo-Iranian world and past it, is within the chess figures discovered on the territory of Danube and Volga Bulgaria. The sport of chess has been thought of a chic achievement of the aristocracy and the clergy since Antiquity. It was made potential due to contacts on the highest mental and philosophical-mathematical stage.

Uranic Earth association

The invention of the exact Uranic- Earth association of time on the premise of the mathematical 12-digit sample of the Cosmos is the results of the energetic cultural interactions of the Bulgarians with different historic companions at an identical or on the similar stage of religious growth. The calculation, use and dissemination of that effectively designed mannequin of solar calendar usually are not solely an achievement of 1 superior civilization. That could be a proof of the exceptionally highly effective centralized ruling establishment, which controls additionally the scholar monks within the epoch earlier than the 12 months 300 BC.

This conclusion is supported by the dynastic 12-year cyclical calendar which is documented by an distinctive written supply, the Identify-Record of Bulgarian Kans. The manuscript was discovered within the 19th century in a group of Russian texts. It’s a chronology of the reign of 13 Kans.

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