The Bulgarians’ first contact with the Balkan Peninsula is dated to the top of the fifth and the start of the sixth centuries. They settled steadily within the areas of the previous Roman provinces of Moesia, Dacia and Macedonia. The territories had suffered invasions of the Barbarians within the third—fifth centuries however the Bulgarians revived them, bringing financial, political and cultural prosperity. The next expressive assertion refers to such a prospering nation:

“They are saying that the land of Alexandaros Ogal Sosmanoz [Tsar Yoan Shishman (1371—1395)], son of Alexandar [Tsar Yoan Alexandar (1331—1371)], is on the financial institution of the river Tuna [Danube] and belongs to the area of Edirne [Odrin]…

It [the land of the Bulgarians] was a really fertile area. It exported honey, butter and sheep internationally. On the whole, there have been every kind of products in it, greater than in different areas.”

From E-book of Description of the World by Mehmed Neshri. Translated by I. Tataria. Kitab-i Gihannuma, Mehmed Nesri, Ankara, 1949.

Medieval Bulgarian state

The medieval Bulgarian state in Southeastern Europe occupied the lands to the south of the Balkan Mountains within the course of Constantinople. The dream of conquering the Byzantine metropolis was alive till the loss of life of Tsar Simeon the Nice (893 927). The coverage of inhabiting the lands within the south-southwest turned out nonetheless to be extra productive.

The territories south of the Rhodope Mountains to the Aegean Sea and within the west to Morava River, current day Macedonia and elements of Northern Thessaly, Albania, Kosovo have been joined on the time of Kan Presian (836 852). These areas and the entire of Moesia and Thrace fashioned the historic ethnic cultural area of the Bulgarians in Southeastern Europe within the center Ages.

Most European states

The territories of most European states, together with Bulgaria, took form within the early Center Age Interval. Solely the lands of modem Italy and Germany are an exception; they grew to become state territories within the second half of the 19th century.

Most often, the causes of wars have been the protection of territories already possessed, moderately than the taking management of latest ones with a overseas inhabitants. Medieval Bulgarians lived below the impression of occupying huge territories, which they normally known as “Higher Land” (Moesia with the decrease flows of the rivers Timok and Bulgarian Morava, in addition to the plains as much as the Carpathian Mountains) and “Decrease Land” (Thrace, the Aegean coast and present-day Macedonia). Within the interval 7- 14th centuries, the Bulgarians who have been probably the most quite a few folks within the Balkan Peninsula, settled completely of their ethnic lands.

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