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Bulgaria can easily be called a mountainous country. Almost half of its territory is home to different in size, height, character and origin mounta...

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Private Bulgaria tours Pirin

No longer venturing to refuse, he sent a grateful answer back that he would very willingly attend. And having heard tidings of Messer Stricca’s d...

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Galgano part 4

The moment the latter had turned his back, our poor lover began to upbraid himself bitterly for not availing himself of the invitation, exclaiming,...

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Galgano part 3

A prey to the excessive cruelty and indifference of one dearer to him than his own life, who neither noticed nor listened to him, he still followed...

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Galgano part 2

Ser Giovanni (Flourished about 1380)

This writer was called simply Ser Giovanni II Fiorentino, the Florentine. Very little is known abo...

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Galgano part 1

Frangois Rabelais (149-?-1553)

Rabelais was born at Chinon in Touraine during the last years of the Fifteenth Century. He studied medic...

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He who Married a Dumb Wife

The wolf began to run as fast as he could, taking the nearest way, and the little girl went by that farthest about, diverting herself in gath­erin...

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Little Red Riding-Hood part 2

Private tours Bulgaria. Bulgaria is no different from any other country in the world. It has its own history, heroes, legends. It surely had its fa...

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Zheravna Festival

Somadeva (Flourished about 1070 A.D.)

Somadeva (Soma with the Brahminical suffix deva) was a poet of Kashmir. His celebrated collection...

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The Story of Devadatta

Petronius (Died 66 A.D.)

Gaius Petronius Arbiter was born some time early in the First Century of the Christian era, and committed suic...

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The Matron of Ephesus

Apuleius (Born ca. 125 A.D.)

Lucius Apuleius, author of The Golden Ass, was born and educated in northern Africa. He practised law, was...

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The Dream

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Eumieus’ Tale