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Medieval structure and excellent artwork in private Sofia tours

These days, there are private Sofia tours that inform us attention-grabbing tales and information of bygone occasions. A narrative like that`s the one of many Boyana Church – the tiny jewel within the suburbs of Sofia.

As soon as upon a time, in the course of the Center Ages, there was the robust Bulgarian fortress that stood on the decrease slopes of the Vitosha Mountain. In the present day that`s the Sofia suburb of Boyana. In the present day`s Sofia was once Sredets up to now and there have been thirty-five fortresses and settlements, which fashioned the fortification programs of the town of Sredets. Boyana was one of many fortresses. Its identify appeared for the primary time in 969. The Boyana Church was constructed contained in the bounderies of the fortress.

Boyana Church 900 years previous

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The church is about 900 years previous and it has undergone many transformations and extensions throughout its existence. The Boyana Church was in-built three phases; within the late 10th and early 11th, the mid-13th, and the mid-19th centuries. It`s a two-storey church and it was initially constructed within the late 10th and early 11th century. Then, within the 13th century the central wing was added and in the midst of the 19th century the entire constructing was completed with an extra growth to the west.

Solely the primary two church buildings, constructed in the course of the Center Ages, possess important aesthetic and architectural worth. In private Sofia tours we be taught that the First Church or the so-called East Church was designed and used as a chapel. It was a typical Greek-cross plan with a dome, and a hid inner cross with out free-standing help and with out a narthex. It`s made totally of brickwork.

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The second part of at this time`s Boyana Church, the one from the mid-13th century that adjoins the East Church, was commissioned by Sebastocrator Kaloyan and his spouse Desislava. Quickly, the brand new two-storey tomb-church sort constructing to the western wall of the First Church appeared. The bottom flooring was inented to be a narthex and it has direct entry to the East Church.

The higher flooring was used as a household chapel. It was devoted to the martyr healer St. Panteleimon. Entry to the chapel is by an outdoor staircase alongside the southern wall. The Boyana Church combines the East and Kaloyan`s church buildings in an ingenious mixture of practical, structural, architectural and ornamental necessities.

A way for marvel that Boyana Church makes you expertise

Private Sofia tours will present you that the easy exterior and small dimension of Boyana Church will be deseptive and provide you with a measleading data of the Boyana Church`s majesty inside.

Just some 10-15 min are guests to the church allowed to take pleasure in it from inside (due to preservation measurements) but it surely is sufficient to really feel the excellent, inspiring energy of the place. The whole of 89 scenes with 240 human photographs are depicted on the partitions of the church.

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Cyclical Calendar

The cyclical calendar, as an embodiment of the idea of the “eternal circle”, is also a possible solution to the difficult metaphysical problem of “eternity-time”.

Of course, the ancient Bulgarian calendar r not the only cyclical calendar but it remain: incomparable with its accuracy and functionality to this day. The attempts to attribute its origin to Chinese or Turkic influences have proved futile. A Chinese geographic tractate of the 10th century includes an announcement of the 7th century, stating that the Chinese noted as an interesting fact the use of a 12-year cycle for calendar purposes by the population between Samarkand and Buhara. For them, the 12- year animal cycle as a calendar system outside the 60-year cycle was unknown until the time of the Han dynasty (206 BC-25 AD) when it was included in the Chinese calendar system under the influence of their western neighbors.

A vivid proof of the long-term spiritual links and loans which the Bulgarians kept in the Indo-Iranian world and beyond it, is in the chess figures found on the territory of Danube and Volga Bulgaria. The game of chess has been considered a sublime achievement of the aristocracy and the clergy since Antiquity. It was made possible because of contacts at the highest intellectual and philosophical-mathematical level.

Uranic Earth arrangement

The invention of the precise Uranic- Earth arrangement of time on the basis of the mathematical 12-digit pattern of the Cosmos is the result of the active cultural interactions of the Bulgarians with other historical partners at a similar or at the same level of spiritual development. The calculation, use and dissemination of that well designed model of sun calendar are not only an achievement of one advanced civilization. That is a proof of the exceptionally powerful centralized ruling institution, which controls also the scholar priests in the epoch before the year 300 BC.

This conclusion is supported by the dynastic 12-year cyclical calendar which is documented by an exceptional written source, the Name-List of Bulgarian Kans. The manuscript was found in the 19th century in a collection of Russian texts. It is a chronology of the reign of 13 Kans.

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